Packspur vineyards Packspur vineyards

We are Laurie and Anne McAuley, the viticulturists and the winemakers, who have always enjoyed being dragged away from the vines and the wines to talk ...vines and wines!

We exchanged teaching and property development and physiotherapy for the world of wine. Since 1990 we have faced new challenges preparing the land for the vineyard, laying kilometers of irrigation pipe, learning tractor skills, then from 1992 – the vineyard itself and Packspur vineyardsall that that entails.

Finally, the art and science of winemaking. The learning curve has been off the page at times but the fun, hard work, the worry, the relief all come together when the bottles finally roll off the line!

Our philosophy promotes viticulture techniques that enhance soil health and minimise chemical use. We believe that healthy vines produce rich and individual wines that reflect the terroir.

In keeping with our winegrowing methods our winemaking also has followed tradition. All fruit is hand-harvested and until 2003 we pressed all our fruit in the traditional hand-operated wooden basket press – very gentle on the grapes but very hard on the winemakers. So sense and age have prevailed and an air-bag press is the order of the day with just a touch of the button – well almost! Long settling, careful racking and minimal intervention are producing bright wines with deep intensity and cellaring potential.

The wines are not released for at least a year after bottling so that they come to you with some bottle age and complexity already developing.